• ExpatSymphonie provides support for companies
     dedicated to managed and successful onboarding of expatriates arriving in Paris, 

    whether it relates to the family private onboarding or to the spouse professional onboarding.

    Relocation • Everyday life • Art de vivre à la française • Enjoyment and Fun, the « Hygge » stay
    Spouse professional onboarding

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  •  You hire Expatriates in Paris ?

  • How can you help them to be operational as quickly as possible, knowing that, regarding their private life, they have everything to put in place for themselves and their family?

International Mobility
We provide you with a multifold

and flexible support 

Relocation, Everyday life, Art de vivre à la Française,
an enjoyable stay, the “Hygge stay

and last but not least the spouse professional onboarding.

                   on their arrival

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                   on their return


Today, you provide support to new staff in their professional onboarding,
to maximize the success of the onboarding.

How about expatriates?

Complementary to the company or position change,
they come to a new country,
and therefore, they face a new installation,
a new way of living : daily life, culture, friends?

And what about the spouses career?

If these subjects are not handled, what are the impacts on the professional life of your expatriates?
How much time will they need to spend looking for housing, finding their way in daily life,
understanding the culture, and enjoying again a well balanced family life?

By entrusting us with these topics, your expatriates focus on their new job and solicit colleagues mainly on professional issues.

Such a service may also help you attract and retain talents as , thanks to you, ExpatSymphonie will make it easier for your expatriates and their spouses.

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