offers you a holistic approach of
spouses’career coaching

Well coached spouses to become the
key player of their job hunt


During a period of 6 to 9 months, according to the package you’ll chose, the spouses will build up the tools needed for an efficient job hunt (resume, pitch, social network), while enjoying access to well addressed databases, that will ease their access to the market: headhunters, recruitment agencies, list of former candidates, news, nominations….


Located in Paris, it will be a pleasure for the spouses to settle a routine in their job hunt, and commute to the free co-working area.
Besides the face to face meetings they will have in English with their coach, they will attend different workshops with other candidates as a way to learn and to promote themselves amongst a professional network.


Career and Everyday Life

Integrating a new country AND hunting for a new job is a lot at once. ExpatSymphonie created this Club which meets during two hours, once a week for 8 months in order to address matters on hands with a very operational approach. Everyday life topics alternate with economic topics, giving them an opportunity to broaden their understanding of both their cultural and job hunting environment. The goal is to prepare the spouses to become the true working Parisian they want to be.

Socialization - A key factor of success
Because socialization is a key factor of success of a whole Parisian experience, let’s meet people!

Every other week, ExpatSymphonie will give the spouses the opportunity to do something different, enjoyable and meet people.

Well settled, well supported, well integrated families
make for more motivated and productive expatriates
Working with ExpatSymphonie is also a positive way
to attract and retain the skills of your workforce, both now and in the future.