Our added value
for companies and staff

A multiple support dedicated to private life
an added-value for companies and staff

Gaining in productivity

If you choose the Relocation and the Everyday life offer, we provide fast and efficient support in finding an accomodation, handling administrative formalities which can sometimes prove
to be long and complex.

An expatriate can gain up to 50% of her/his working time
 during the first 3 months.

His/her colleagues can gain up to 10% of their working time
 during the same period.

Facilitation of working relationships

By choosing the Art de vivre à la Française offer, you accelerate the cultural integration, as we will bring an understanding of the expatriates’ original culture combined with a French creative and cultural immersion.

The quicker « acculturation » of an expatriate
may reduce the cross-cultural  adjustment.

The working relationships with the teams
are eased and facilitated

Expatriate retention

The complete offer from the Relocation to the "Hygge Stay" can of course be selected to provide your expatriates with answers on all aspects related to their arrival in Paris

The company facilitates each step, which promotes family harmony and thus family and professional stability
The company may increase its rate of successful expatriations

In terms of quality : expatriates are supported and appreciate the comfort of a dedicated centralised contact
for both themselves and the spouses

In terms of retention costs : the company can avoid up to
 1 year wages, possible costs if an expatriate leaves
 earlier than expected

The company enhances the expatriation experience
and works towards achieving its CSR goals