Our added value
for companies and staff

The expatriates onboarding
an added-value for companies and member of staff
Gaining in productivity - Working relationships are eased - Ensure a positive expatriation experience

Gaining in productivity

Getting visas for foreign employees and helping them settle-in is often long and time-consuming, reason why ExpatSymphonie designed 2 packages “Visa” and ‘Relocation”

Thanks to “Visa” ExpatSymphonie ensures the implementation and the monitoring of the procedure until visas are granted to your Expatriates, provided your expatriates – and their families- are eligible.

On another hand, “Relocation” provides support not only with house search but also with administrative formalities helping your expatriates and their spouses cover the essentials of what they’ll need to live in France and feel at home.

“Visa” and “Relocation” are designed in such ways that ExpatSymphonie becomes your expatriates’ single point of contact on those matters: You, your teams and your Expatriates can thus focus on your professional missions and your objectives.

An expatriate can gain up to 50% of her/his working time
 during the first 3 months (*).

His/her colleagues can gain up to 10% of their working time
 during the same period (*).

(*) According to an estimate made internally by one of our customers.

Facilitation of working relationships

By choosing the "Successful multicultural teams" package, you accelerate the cultural integration, as we will bring an understanding of the expatriates’ original culture combined with a French creative and cultural immersion.

The quicker « acculturation » of an expatriate
may reduce the cross-cultural  adjustment.

The working relationships with the teams
are eased and facilitated

Expatriation made sustainable and easy with ExpatSymphonie!

Whether you recruit foreign Talents, or move a French Expatriate back to France, ExpatSymphonie is here to assist on the personal onboarding

Managing Expatriates, often means managing families: ExpatSymphonie assists not only your Expatriates but also their spouses who represent the cornerstone of a successful expatriation

As a newcomer always impacts a group dynamics, let the team build-up their new “team culture” within a professional environment where personal assistance to the newcomer is everything but a hassle

Help teams make the most out of their cultural differences: stronger teams for stronger companies

The company enhances the expatriation experience
and works towards achieving its CSR goals