offers your company a multiple
and flexible onboarding service

Work with us to design the package you wish to provide
to your foreign or French expatriates and their spouses.


Well settled


With our relocation services, families find their way quicker.
We facilitate and accelerate administrative procedures, search for housing, schools, set up of internet connection, etc...

Everyday life

Well supported


By answering the families’ needs, we facilitate their everyday life: search for doctors, childcare, etc...

The Art de vivre à la française

The art of French Living

for a rewarding cultural experience

Thanks to intercultural workshops and cultural tours, the expatriates and their families appropriate or re-absorb the customs of their new environment.
- Expatriates easily integrate into the company
- Rapid "acculturation" of the spouse makes for a happy home

Enjoyment and Fun

The hygge stay,

a fun stay for a fulfilling personal adventure

Thanks to the events organized by ExpatSymphonie, and by the families themselves, families recreate friendships, an essential step towards the success of a relocation or a home return.

Hygge is a Danish words which express what one feels when sharing pleasant moments.

Well settled, well supported, well integrated families
make for more motivated and productive expatriates
Working with ExpatSymphonie is also a positive way
to attract and retain the skills of your workforce, both now and in the future.